Any of my characters youd like to see more of?

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somnolent-peregrin said: what is a protean greninja, like, teenage naruto or something??


yeah pretty much

Did a few wifi battles on pokemon x

every single person used a protean greninja w/ the same moves

wowe fun, congrats on your originality

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posting here so i can delete
o k nobody wants u nerds into the pit you go
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If anyone else wants to do a blind otp with me. You know where to find me. I’ve got lots of horrible characters love to give.

somnolent-peregrin: Do an expression meme with Camille, like an expression a day and how/why it would make her like that (basically what you did for alor but with multiple expressions)


She had…. an emotional day? 

Anonymous: Could you tell me about a quirk or two about Silas, Feng and Chen? Also I would love to see Feng bashful and Chen terrified. Also I have a headcanon about Chen actually being a poop in disguise as a dick, but the thing is he's actually both.


Feng gets infatuated by (mostly) cute boys and this happens often. It doesn’t take her too long to scare them away with her bluntness and ~sparkling personality~ but this doesn’t stop her from trying. She likes to draw cute boys in her sketchbook. Even though she’s cute, you wouldn’t want her to be your girlfriend. Really.

Chen has a really big prejudice against fairy-types. He’s afraid Feng will get involved with one (because they ARE kawaii fairies, which Feng loves). He also hates needles and the sight of blood makes him weak.

That’s a really bad headcanon and you should feel bad.